NG Counselling

Nitya Gurukula (NG) Counselling is
A contractual and professional relationship, intervention and process
based on the counselling contract, which is
Intended to empower and facilitate the growth and development of
NG Clients individually and/or systemically,.
The development and growth of the NG Counsellor is a by-product of the
counselling/coaching/mentoring process.

NG Counsellor

Nitya Gurukula (NG) Counsellor is a catalyst, competent to guide the
NG Client's processes contractually.
Ongoing and continuous training and supervision of NG counsellors by
Sashi Chandran and her training team ensure holistic wellness and
competency creation in client and client systems

Essentials in NG Counselling

  • Holistic and contractual factoring in stated and unstated needs of Clients
    Culture sensitive
  • Ensures No harm to Client, Client Systems, self, others and/or environment.
  • Maintains professional boundaries with NG Clients and NG Client Systems
  • Upholds Confidentiality
  • Offers permission, protection and potency to NG Clients and Client Systems;
  • NG People-Work Services delivered contractually, professionally and ethically.

Table 2: NG Counselling: Categories, Terminology, Focus n Outcomes





Individual, Couples, Families Counsellor-Client Client/Clients empowerment, settling, balance; Solutions, dissolutions, resolutions for Client Problems; Sensitivity to self, other, context enhanced Healing and development created individually and in relationships
Coaching Coach-Coachee Coachee potentials, Requirements- professional and personal Sustainable transformation and development personally and professionally achieved
Mentoring Mentor-Mentoree Mentoree's holistic requirements, Self-reflection and goal setting capabilities Mentoree Un-folding and maturation
Alignment of personal and professional goals attained

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