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Nitya Gurukula

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Guru Nitya Chaitanya Yati's offering is East West Synthesis, wherein:
Eastern intuitive, relational approaches and knowledge-
integrated, woven and blended with
Western analytic and diagnostic disciplines:
Resultant essence is this-and-that-and-more-
A potent concoction catering to diverse
Human and environmental requirements.

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Bringing to life the Helping/Guiding/Supervision process by
Involving the client, trainee or supervisee to achieve
The mutually agreed upon goal and process.
The recipient thus becomes a partner in the journey of
His/her growth and empowerment.
Contracts and contracting effectively
Capture the spirit of OK ness,
The foundation of Transactional Analysis.
Contracts operationalised by Eric Berne MD
To involve, empower and make responsible
The client or trainee or supervisee

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